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    28 Dec ’13 emma

    All things are new for 2014, we have now developed a new website and shifted the blog down stream…

    The Simulacra Studio Blog can now be found here, please come and visit!

  2. Arm Candy #RosalinaNacken #QCreative

    22 Nov ’13 emma

    Photographing fashion must haves by designer Rosalina Nacken for Q Creative.

    This was a packshoot with a difference as we actually constructed 360 equipment from scratch and improvised a little bag-opening animation.

  3. Freeze Frame #VividDesignWorks #FreezeFestival

    18 Nov ’13 emma

    Vivid Design Works were back with us today, constructing an installation for the South Bank and using coloured drapes as part of the Freeze Festival.

  4. May I Present…#Quintessentially


    We love shooting products! Here were shooting for lifestyle concierge company Quintessentially  one of our regular clients. Their business knows no boundaries, this particular element of their brand is Quintessentialy Spirits… a Vodka no less.

  5. Skill Share #NVS #JLS

    17 Nov ’13 emma

    This is NVS all singing all dancing support act for X Factor faves JLS, currently on a mahoosive Goodbye Tour of UK arenas. NVS shot a warm up video with their production company, which will be displayed on giant screens as part of the tour visuals.

  6. A Little Luxury #Childrenswear #RalphLauren

    14 Nov ’13 emma

    Shooting Children’s Wear at RT, luxury for little ones.

  7. One To Watch #EliIngram

    10 Nov ’13 emma

     Kodemedia were our guests today, directed by familiar face Harry Cauty who photographed Rizzle Kicks in the studio some months back for the launch of their clothing line. This time the video was for singer Eli Ingram.

  8. Cutting Edge #Aikido #JoseEsteve

    9 Nov ’13 emma

    Photographer Jose Esteve shoots the mesmerising martial art Aikido with us today…sword form style.

  9. Keeping It Ralph #ralphlauren

    8 Nov ’13 emma

    Back at our second home in central London shooting the latest women’s wear collection for RL. Always underwraps we’re duty bound to keep it an insider secret.

  10. Interior Pioneers #vividdesignworks

    6 Nov ’13 emma

    Our guests today were set design and construction crew Vivid Design Works. They were keen to work their magic Escher-style in the studio today. Having seen their interiors portfolio I’m wondering if I can just live on set…

  11. Non Stop #BTMTV

    1 Nov ’13 emma

    Little time lapse from our booking with BTMTV last week.

  12. Making Radio Waves

    30 Oct ’13 emma

    Shooting latest promo images for BTMTV with Peter Hopkins, Anttix and Aisling Knight from Capitol Radio.

  13. Flash Bang Wallop! #ShootingBeauty

    27 Oct ’13 emma

    Photographers resource Shooting Beauty are one of our regulars and each time it’s a fully creative suffusion, utilising every corner of the studio, bar, make up area and even office! Bursting on to set with colour, style and attitude – see you next time!

  14. Role Model #JoannaKustra #NinaNguyen


    Its not often were in awe but Joanna Kustra is an amazing photographer – shooting beautiful jewels here for Nina Nguyen Designs

    All shot at Simulacra Studio with our chairs trying to grab some of the limelight!

  15. Grande Dame #VivienneWestwood #RedCarpetCollection

    22 Oct ’13 emma

    Superstar fashion comes to Simulacra Studio today.

    We were pleased to host the shoot for Vivienne Westwood’s latest Red Carpet Collection.

  16. It’s Bollywood Baby!

    17 Oct ’13 emma

    Welcoming BBC Asian Network supremos Raj and Pablo to the studio today – shooting for their show.

  17. Above And Beyond


    Regular clients and co conspirators Q Creative – part of Quintessentially Group are our studio guests today, shooting green screen motion for a current project and Q Sport content for their new site.

  18. Bring The Green

    15 Oct ’13 emma

    Bringing our special brand of greenery to Brixton, astro style for the concrete junglist massives. Seriously, a little green goes a long way, even if were faking it.

  19. Market Economy


    Bill and Mar shoot their latest collection with us, utilising both our studio and of course the famous Brixton Market which is 2 minutes around the corner.

    Prime location on the block!

    Check us out.

  20. Fresh Feature #Oliver #Briginshaw

    11 Oct ’13 emma

    Director Oliver Briginshaw shoots a feature with us, not huge amounts of detail we just opened our doors and pretty much let them crack on !

  21. Where For Art Thou?

    1 Oct ’13 emma

    HEY – blog posts for the months of September and October have mysteriously disappeared from we are desperately trying  to retrieve them and were really perturbed to have lost our wicked content…but with out further ado we’ll continue…please stay tuned.

  22. Shoot In Spain – Shooting Beauty

    25 Aug ’13 emma

    Our good friends Shooting Beauty  are offering a part catered shoot away package in Calahonda, Spain. You get to stay in a Villa with a pool and attend workshop shoots with models, make up artists and all the usual trimmings you’ll find in London – but you’re in a beautiful location! The packages range from 2-6 days between September 3rd – 8th 2013. Please see here for details and here for information on prices and various packages.

    Shooting Beauty are an established Photographers resource based in London and are regular clients at Simulacra Studio.

  23. Little Stars – Bourne 2 Shine


    Children’s Casting Agency Bourne 2 Shine hold a Sunday casting session at Simulacra Studio today, faces of the future for Film and beyond!

  24. Young Blood – T.A.P.

    24 Aug ’13 emma

    New production company T.A.P. host an open casting with us.

  25. Re Visited

    23 Aug ’13 emma

    Simulacra Studio held its once a month 200 guest party from event hosts Percolate. It finished at 4.00am giving us time to clean and have everything transformed, as if by magic,  for a studio booking at 12.00 the next day.

    Yes we can work miracles.

  26. Style Revival – Tarquin Bilgen

    22 Aug ’13 emma

    Nick from Tarquin Bilgen shoots exquisite artifacts for the home with us once more.

  27. Real Gem – Joanna Kustra

    21 Aug ’13 emma

    Fantastic Photographer Joanna Kustra joined us today – shooting a jewelry collection for Nina Nguyen.

  28. Don’t Quit The Day Job

    20 Aug ’13 emma

    Back at Ralph Lauren in central London today – shooting childrenswear for Denim & Supply.

  29. Ride Like The Wind

    17 Aug ’13 emma

    Colleague Joe takes to the ‘flying’ gas bottle,  just because he can…it’s actually a simulator for something Photoshoppy.  Any guesses?

  30. Oh So L.A.

    16 Aug ’13 emma

    Shooting again with the wonderful Laura from Tokyo Taboo - tonight for a Los Angeles based Giuseppina Magazine

    Examples of the finished article to follow, note my son Rudy starring in the highly skilled role of smoke machine assistant

  31. Long Live Hire Space

    15 Aug ’13 emma

    Setting up for our good friends Hire Space who promote amazing venues all over London. Theatres, Galleries, Auditoriums…oh and our photographic studio too.

  32. Fashion Fast Forward

    14 Aug ’13 emma

    Shooting Beauty joined us once more today, bringing all the elements of portfolio construction together in a one stop session. Models, Make Up Artists, Stylists and Photographers flocked to this event, pooling resources for great results.

  33. Back In The Game

    12 Aug ’13 emma

    Award winning Hair Stylist Valerie Wallace Sahel was today’s returning client.

  34. Mean Green Screen Machine

    8 Aug ’13 emma

    Green Screen all the way today with studio guests  BTMTV shooting their latest online music show, featuring Ronan Parke, Elana Di Troya, and Official Anttix.

  35. Memoires Of A Geisha

    27 Jul ’13 emma

    Freelance Support Service Shooting Beauty are our latest recruit – using Simulacra Studio for a Geisha inspired shoot and offering a vital resource to Photographers looking to create key portfolio material.

    Everything under one roof – and the roof was ours!

  36. Debut 2

    25 Jul ’13 emma

    Debut Magazine return and shoot their latest front cover with us.

  37. Office Space

    23 Jul ’13 emma

    Resident product photographer Matt Veal shoots in our newly refurbished office. We love the fact we barely have to leave our desk to have room for a mini set up & lighting!

  38. Standing Tall

    20 Jul ’13 emma

    Jose Esteve shoots Portfolio Updates with us today.

  39. Ahhhh Sleek Out !

    16 Jul ’13 emma

    Make Up brand Sleek shoot new pigments with us over two days : the dictionary definition of this is actually quite lovely:

    ‘A pigment is a material that changes the color of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption.’ – so there you have it!

  40. 5 Stars!

    12 Jul ’13 emma

    Check us out, listed with the cream of the crop in The London Review – we’re in very good company here with other studios that are to be aspired to. Still we (humbly) accept and strive to make our mark daily, booking by booking.

  41. Get Baked

    10 Jul ’13 emma

    Shooting for the deliciously named Bake Boutique – candles so flavoursome you have to stop yourself biting into them – they smell, rather authentically, of CAKE !!!

  42. Friends In Hire Places

    9 Jul ’13 emma

    Hey we’re top of the billing ! Featured on the front page of Studio Hire’s website.

  43. High Tea

    7 Jul ’13 emma

    Studio regular Daniela Fleckenstein shoes us the results from her recent shoot!

  44. Threads

    5 Jul ’13 emma

    Designer clothing from Atelier Smeralda, shot by Eric Oliveira - our studio guests today.

  45. Tech Station

    4 Jul ’13 emma

    Today at Ralph Lauren – we only had a small corner to set up…

  46. Here Comes The Science…

    3 Jul ’13 emma

    Today we got onto the factory and laboratory floor, shooting corporate head shots for flavour makers Omega Ingredients.

    Hairnets were today’s accessory.

  47. Shooting Gallery

    30 Jun ’13 emma

    Life Is A Cabaret Meet Up shoot, inspired by Liza Minnelli – fun with our students at one of our regular workshops.

  48. Artisan

    29 Jun ’13 emma

    When we launched Simulacra Studio in the Summer of 2006 Dion Salvador Lloyd was one of our first clients.

    The new website we’ve made actually keeps some elements from the original…take a look at his paintings and feel transported.

  49. Owned

    27 Jun ’13 emma

    Labelled up lifestyle equipment…for social climbing!

  50. In The House

    26 Jun ’13 emma

    Simulacra Studio supplied the Video and Photographic equipment for the latest Shoot by Quintessentially Design and clients Bake Boutique

    Photographed by the La Roache Brothers in central London.